Gibbs Aquada Amphibian Vehicle Ready for 2009

Gibbs Technologies Ltd., a company that is based in the UK is said to commence its marketing of the Aquada amphibious vehicle. Right. This is another vehicle that uses the amphibian technology, which allows this vehicle to operate in both land and water.

According to a report from ForbesAutos, Gibbs is planning to move its production operations here in the U.S. The Gibbs Amphibians, a subsidiary of Gibbs Technologies Ltd. that manufacturer’s amphibious military vehicles will produce the Aquada in the US. In fact, the company said they are already testing 10 Aquadas in Michigan.

Alan Gibbs, the company’s founder and chairman said: “Our market research indicates that a line-up of high-speed amphibious vehicles similar to the Aquada could generate annual sales volumes of 100,000 or more within five years. A commercially viable high-speed amphibious vehicle has eluded auto manufacturers, entrepreneurs and inventors for more than 100 years. Recent developments in light-weight materials, engine technology and vehicle architecture, however, have enabled us to accomplish what many believed to be impossible.”

Anyway, the scheduled production of the Aquada in the U.S. will be in 2009, with a production target of 100,00 units every year.

Check out the specs of the Gibbs Aquada below.

Category: Private Light Vehicle and RCD Category D
Engine: 175 hp, 24 valve, V6 with EEC compliant immobiliser
Gearbox: 5 speed auto and reverse
Fuel: 95 Ron Unleaded
Fuel tank capacity: 15 gallons/67 litres
Wheels and Tires:
Front – 16 x 6.5 J 6 spoke alloy wheels with 215 x 65 tires; Rear – 16 x 6.5 J 6 spoke
alloy wheels and 225 x 60 tires
Brakes: All round power assisted discs. Front ventilated
Suspension: Computer controlled air/oil hydraulic self-levelling with variable ride height
Steering: Power assisted on road and water
Seating: 3 across-centre steer. Seats can be elevated for improved visibility on water
Seat belts: Three-point pre-tension seat belts for driver and 2 passengers
Kerb weight: 1466 kg
Permissible gross weight: 1750 kg
Jet Proprietary: Gibbs unit
Trim tabs: Dihedral electric trim tabs
Bilge pumps: 3 independent systems
Buoyancy: Non-sinkable if swamped
Lights: Marine navigation lights
Fire protection: Automatic engine compartment suppression system
Boot capacity: 35 kg
Hood: Bimini style
Heater: Included
Audio: Water-resistant CD/radio


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