Fuel Efficient Car Seekers, Here are ten tips for you!

A car that offers great deal in fuel economy will absolutely have an edge to car owner wannabes. A car is a vast investment, so for those who need to tighten their budget belts after the investment, critical thinking will be so necessary for you before garaging any vehicle. Fuel efficient cars aren’t hard to find these days. Auto engineers with the help of rocket science have already offered the masses growing numbers of cars that use less fuel but also offer optimum drive quality.

So if you are one of those in search of a car that will not hurt your pockets that much, here are some car-shopping tips:

1. Analyze your needs
Before fancying yourself with a brand or model, you can first ask yourself the reason why you want to drive? Are you a busy person that needs a great deal of travel because of work? Or you are avoiding the hassle from riding passenger vehicles and want a comfortable ride from work to home and vice versa? How many are your potential passengers? A car must meet but should not exceed your driving needs.

2. Choose the Right size of vehicle
Cars vary in sizes and at the same time their fuel needs. Vehicle size or commonly known as the segment ranges from an SUV, minivan, Pick-up truck, Crossover/Wagon, Midsize Sedan, Compact or Subcompact. The larger the vehicle, the heavier it is and will mean more fuel set backs than the smaller ones.

3. Choose a Right sized Engine
Too much of the outside size, let’s now look under the hood. The smaller the engine, the greater fuel efficiency it offers. Four cylinders and V6 engines are preferable than 6-cylinders and V8.

4. Research the MPG ratings of your preferred model
The MPG rating is issued by the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA numbers are likely to be inflated than the real-world mileage. When you are in the show room, compare the MPG ratings of the vehicles in your list.

5. Consider a Hybrid
Hybrids use both electricity and fuel to run the automobile. When it is electrically powered, your fuel is not used.

6. Consider Diesel
A gallon of diesel contains ten percent more power than a gallon of gasoline.

7. Avoid Gas-Guzzling Vehicle Options
If you are choosing from a two wheel drive and a four wheel drive, go for the two wheel drive. The weight of your vehicle is also equal to the fuel set back. Additional weights like rooftop luggage racks, kayak holders and ski-racks also means greater fuel set backs.

8. New Beats Used
Second hand cars might be great options. But remember that the older the car gets, its ability to squeeze more miles out of a gallon of fuel also diminish. If your budget permits, get a new one.

9. Plan your shift to Low Resistance Cars
Low resistance tires help economize fuel. Also, bear in mind that properly inflated tires help too. For every three pounds below recommended pressure, fuel economy is lessened by at least one percent.

10. Maintain your Investment with good driving habits
Drive as needed. Avoid unnecessary speed and take good care of your precious investment.


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