Silver tops vehicle colors

For the past seven years, silver had been one the most famous colors of brand new vehicles leaving behind the classic black, white and gray. Different shades of every color had been introduced by automakers but those did not shake the grounds for silver. According to statistics, in 1999, silver entered the top three vehicle colors and eventually became number one in 2001 not just in North America but globally.

Silver is the color that shows off a vehicle’s shape and design features than other colors making it the top performer according to PPG Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of transportation coatings.

On Wednesday, PPG will unveil the results of its annual “colour popularity survey” and according to Jane Harrington-Durst, the company’s manager of colour styling, “silver is still number one in North America as well as globally.”

While silver continues to dominate the car colour market, there are whispers it may be losing its grip. “Silver is starting to decline and other hues such as blue and black are emerging to take some of silver’s market share,” Harrington-Durst says.

Also according to her, new silver shades are tinted with other colors and are to be moved to charcoal range. New silver combinations will present a car an indecent effect and could really change color as you look at the car in different slants.

U.S. market forecaster Bob Prechter believes silver suits our “social mood,” because our culture is already enamored of technology and cool, high-tech gadgetry. They like the chic minimalist color because it’s futuristic and space-age, he says. He also suspects that silver – as a commodity, currently trading vigorously on the stock market – is perceived as a color that reflects money, success and prestige.

If you want to know why silver is the best vehicle color, might as well ask the most reliable sources, the silver car owners. Most of them said that it stays tidy despite the backdrop of gritty urban environment. It is also a good color to hide tiny scratches and dents.

For Sue Georgas, silver is the easiest color to maintain. If you buy a black, you can expect a weekly carwash.

For others, silver is also a safer color. In 2003, the British Medical Journal published a study that suggested “”silver-colored cars are 50 per cent less likely to get involved in serious accidents than cars of any other color.”

Also, the Vehicle Color Study conducted by Australia’s Monash University Accident Research Centre revealed that blacks are most likely involved in car crashes than any other car color.


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