GM and White Plains Highlights Fuel Cell Technology

Yesterday, General Motors Vice-President for Research and Developemnt Planning, Larry Burns and White Plains Mayor Joseph Delfino met at the White Plains City Hall after a GM hydrogen powered ride for the launching of the new Project Driveway program in Westchester and the New York Metropolitan area.

The Mayor and the GM exec arrived in a Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell vehicle at the event. The Chevrolet Equinox is one of the 100 fuel cell vehicles to be test-driven by families next year. The 100 vehicles will be distributed to private and commercial volunteers for the national test drive to last for three to 30 months. Los Angeles and Washington D.C. are also included in the national test drive.

“I feel like I touched a little bit of the future today,” Mayor Delfino said. “We’re very pleased to work with General Motors on this important test of this new technology. Zero-emissions performance is closer than people think.

“White Plains has had a longstanding history of research and demonstration programs for alternate fuels. Today, GM has provided us the opportunity to introduce their Equinox Fuel Cell vehicle on our city streets. It is another step closer toward our shared goals of a cleaner city. I would like to encourage all companies to identify new technologies that will make our air a little cleaner and our city and state a little greener.”

The local government of White Plains in cooperation with Shell Hydrogen constructed a hydrogen filling station at the White Plains Public Works Depot. The station for fuel cell powered vehicles is located in a gated lot for better service to the Project Driveway customers and will be opened in November.

“We appreciate the leadership the city of White Plains had demonstrated in its support of alternative fuel vehicles, including GM’s hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles,” said GM’s Burns. “We are pleased the citizens of the Westchester County area will have the opportunity to refuel the GM Project Driveway fuel cell powered vehicles at a new, state-of-the art Shell hydrogen refueling facility in White Plains.”


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