Saleen introduces the Extreme S302E

The 2008 Model Year product lineup was already released by Saleen Automotive, North America’s premier specialty vehicle manufacturer. The forceful “Extreme” with six other Saleen models arrived first at the runway of the retired El Toro Airport of Southern California.

Saleen’s S302E series boasts ultimate performance along with style and control. First for 2008, the auto commonly known as the “Extreme” brags a 302 cubic inch engine intercooled supercharger improved by a Saleen patented twin-screw. This “Saleen built” engine produces a majestic 620 hp and 600 ft.-lb torque.

“We believe that we are in the process of creating a legendary new car. It’s thrilling,” says Saleen President and CEO, Paul Wilbur. “It seemed to make sense that as we go into our 25th Anniversary as a manufacturer in North America that we make our best and most powerful car yet.”

When it comes to engineering, the Extreme also belongs to the long line of vehicles with great hardware. The S320E series is composed of high performance parts that reflect performance automotive engineering.

“This place represents a kind of automotive ‘mecca’ for me. We are making limited volume performance vehicles for people who really love cars, by people who really love cars. I cannot think of a better place to put my 35 years of OEM engineering history to work,” says Vice Chairman and Chief Technical Officer Chris Theodore. Theodore is best known as being the father of the Ford GT while Vice President of Advance Product Development at Ford Motor Company. “Now I am helping build great Saleen cars in the same factory that I architected for the legendary Ford GT.”

“This is the best motor that we have ever done,” says Powertrain Engineering Lead Rob Simons. “We have really benefited from having Chris (Theodore) around. He brings perspective and experience to the company unlike anything that we have known prior.”


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