A Spy Car for young Bond Fanatics

Before graduating at the Massey University in New Zealand, engineering student Tom Yu Guan submitted the Smart Eyes robot in exchange for his diploma. His creation is a remote-controlled car assembled with a video phone in which any information or image stored can be accessed by anyone with a phone anywhere in the world.

Mr. Guan claimed that his design is first of its kind with its long range flexibility. Using coverage of cellular phones which is found almost in every corner of the world, the car could be driven and anyone could gain video access to it.

Testing the wide coverage of his invention, Mr. Guan claimed that he had used the device from 712 kilometers away and he expects that it will also work intercontinental like in Europe where he is due to visit next year.

“What better network is out there than cell phone towers.”

The young inventor is already in his last school days at Massey University and according to him, he had been offered several employments from huge companies and decided to accept one which is a “very major technology company”.

With his name suggesting that he is a foreigner in New Zealand where he had been staying for twelve years now, his car carries a Chinese flag. It is an exceptional way of giving his native country a tribute.

According to Janina Mazierska, head of Massey’s Science and Technology Institute, the device of her student can be of several uses. She cited that the Smart Eyes robot can be used for checking an elderly relative and viewing home safety while abroad.

“Remote sensing is not a new issue and not a new development. The novelty is to employ wireless technology in a mobile phone to certain applications.”

The device can be possibly applied for measuring blood glucose levels for diabetics via the mobile phone.
According to Tony Lowe, a private investigator for 20 years, Guan’s device can be a revolution in the spying field.

“We’ve gone from having no cellphones to having the big block Telecom telephones that first came out and that was a huge advantage, being able to make a telephone call from anywhere.

“It would obviously be very attractive to people who are heavily involved in surveillance.”


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