The wicked Genaddi Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

Genaddi Design Group, a company in Green Bay Wisconsin in the United States, has recently released the details of the removable carbon fiber hard top that they are planning to produce for the Murcielago Roadster owners.

The hard top has been designed to fit easily in the front bonnet of the car. It can go on and off the car in just a minute – providing a very rewarding ownership experience of the Murcielago Roadster. The top can be stored in the car for easy on and off access in case of bad weather – making unplanned trips more enjoyable.

Now, you have more options to enjoy the car in different ways: as a Roadster, as a hard top, as a T-top and as a Targa top.

Though they might not be painted, all the pieces were finished in either dull or gloss finish of carbon fiber. Color matching, however, is quite hard. So, what you should better do is take it to your local dealer and let them provide your need for the car.

Another good thing about the top is that it is light-weighted and convenient to handle for most. It uses a proprietary system to keep it water tight.

Interesting, right? So… If you want to have one, you got to invest $26,000 to purchase it directly from Genaddi Design Group or through your Lamborghini dealer.


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