Renault Clio for used car bargain hunters

Carcraft Rochdale, an independent group of used car hypermarkets and the largest in the North West, conducted a research that ended up honoring the Renault Clio as the top used car bargain.
Based from, “Research into the effect new car launches have on prices of older model used cars shows that you can drive away a bargain so long as you are not concerned about having the very latest design parked on your driveway.”The analysis of all car types revealed that the Renault Clio offers some of the best bargains these days. In fact, you can pick up a 56 plate Clio Campus 1.2 of the previous design around 7000 miles on the clock with your £5500. Carcraft estimates that it is equivalent to £1700 or 24 percent cheaper than an average model of the same year and mileage but with the newer design.

According to Howard Ryder, general manager at Carcraft Rochdale, “As soon as a new model is announced we see a fall of around 3 to 5% in the prices of the outgoing model. For prestige cars such as BMW this can be even higher, rising to between 10 and 15%.” “However, for real bargains you should wait until the new models start to enter the used car market, when buyers can see the different models side by side in the showroom. This is when the prices can differ by up to 30% even though, under the bonnet, you are essentially buying the same car,” he added.

Ryder expects that 2008 will be a vintage year for ‘model spotters’ looking for a bargain. He said, “A number of new models have recently come onto the market, which means there are plenty of competitively priced older models for bargain hunters to pick up early in the New Year … Three of the best examples are the Vauxhall Corsa, Peugeot 307 and the Mercedes C-Class.”

Pretty sure it is a great choice for those looking for used but good and cheap car.


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