F-150 Redesigned

For years, the Ford F-150 has been the favorite of the majority of light truck buyers.  Built tough, the vehicle is used for either business or pleasure.  The increasing price of gasoline though has seen sales figure for the F-150 drop.  But the Dearborn automaker has made the F-150 a better truck to attract more consumers.

The task to redesign the F-150, dubbed as America’s truck, has been taken up by more than a thousand people from Ford engineers to designers, researchers, and others.  The resulting product is the 2009 Ford F-150, a more superior beast than the current F-150.

Mark Fields, president for The Americas at Ford had this to say:  “The Ford F-150 is an American icon.  Our team not only met those expectations, they exceeded them with the new 2009 F-150.  With Ford’s product-led transformation in full swing, the new F-150 could not have come at a better time – for Ford and for our customers.”

Matt O’Leary, chief engineer for the F-150 added:  “Before we started working on the new truck, we continued the conversation with people who use these trucks every day for work and play. We went to their ranches, their job sites and their homes, making sure we crafted features that would improve their ownership experiences and, really, their lives.”

O’Leary pointed out that they are aware of the need of consumers for fuel efficient vehicles.  Thus, they created the redesigned F-150 with that in mind.  “The new, improved chassis helps deliver additional payload and towing capacity as well as improved fuel economy, which we know is top of mind for customers,” he said.

With the improvements on the F-150, it is sure to once again set the bar higher for its competitors.


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